Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Show yourself in another way

What makes you different from anyone else? Maybe it's your ability, maybe it's because you are smart, maybe it's because you rich, poor, or many else. But there's a thing makes someone different from anyone else, it's called paraphilias and it's about sexual disorder.

We're continuing what we left in here. Before we talk about STDs, now we talk about disorder which is more for the exhibitionist.

What is exhibitionism actually? It's when someone show their genital to someone else that they don't know. Most of them are men, but women also do that if they have high sexual drives. What actually makes them do that? There is a possibility that at first they also don't want to do it. But they want to be recognize by someone else so they show themselves, what they are, in...a weird way.

Well, they actually want to show themselves, maybe they don't have friends, and when they saw someone afraid because of what they did, they feel arouse more and more and enjoy what they did. Because of that they have a different way of think and like to be an exhibitionist.

Maybe we feel weird with them, but they still can be our friends. We can tell them to show themselves in another way, which show their abilities, not their genital.

So let's show ourselves, not the genitals, but our abilities.

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