Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Support and Aware about STD

If we talking about sexuality, there's also STD or STI (Sexually Transmitted Diseases or Infection).

If we don't want to get STD, we're not supposed to changing the sexual partner, tell to your partner about STD (if you're infected), don't use medicine for the genital without consult it to the doctor first, use condom, and also check yourself to the Andrologist or Gynecologist (especially before married).

The knowledge about STD as soon as possible maybe have a positive chance for not changing sexual partner.

Rather than we discuss more about STDs, we will discuss more about the psychological aspect if we get STD. There are denial, anger, depression, and withdrawal. These are the steps where someone who already got STD.

First, is denial. The denial take an important role for spreading STDs. It takes someone to get infected and not searching for a medication. Most of them would say, "It will not happen to me." A classic sentence that anyone would say, but they actually easily get infected because of having that kind of mindset and (if) then having sex with anyone you met. 

Second, anger. This one is not that someone get angry because of themselves, but more like blaming other that they get STDs, especially their sexual partners.

Next, depression. You could predict this one will happen to most of the person who got STDs. They will feel loss, loss their confidence, loss relationship, and even worse, loss their lives.

The fourth and the last one is withdrawal. They will withdraw themselves from society, it's because of depression so they withdraw from the society. But in some big cities, there's support group helping them to know even they have STDs, they still live and learn how to fulfilling their lives now, rather than stay alone, rotting and died.

This is some effective way to handle the STD (for women):
-Use condom when having sex, use condom maybe not fully protecting you but its effective for reducing get infected STD.
-Check your vagina regularly. Also tell it to your partner. That way, you will not get infected and also can get the right medication.
-Do not get drunk or having drugs before having sex (even after you have sex). It will be hard to control yourself if you get drunk. And it can makes you take stupid decisions. So, be careful!
-The last one is, be faithful to your partner. More loyal you are to your partner, more likely you will not get STDs. Put that notes also to your partner.

That is some advice for not getting STDs. Hope it might be helpful!

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