Wednesday, 27 November 2013

What Brain Think About Sex?

Brain is having a different way of think when it comes about sex. It’s not like the way we think about sex, even we are thinking with our brain. When we think about sex, all that we want is only sex, nothing more. But when BRAIN think about sex, the brain think something different. Actually, what is the brain thinking about sex?

First, we already discuss about the sexual appeal before. Well, actually it’s not that far from that, but there’s something significantly different when the brain, our BRAIN do it. Our brain try to search for the best partner, either it’s from the face, the smell, or the voice, brain does everything for us to think for the best way to have sexual partner.

So what is actually brain think about sex? At first of course, the brain want for us to find the best sexual partner for us, but how did the brain do it? It can be by what we look. We humans always like something that symettrical, so we will try to find something that is symettrical, usually the brain look at the face of someone and analize if the person that we look is the best sexual partner or not.

After that, the smell and the voice. Usually if we can’t see the person’s face, we will try to know the smell and the voice. Why is that? Sexy voice and sexy scent of someone indicate that someone is also pretty or handsome. The way our brain told us that it like the smell or the voice, it will tell us if it’s the best sexual partner for us.

But what our brain did is only find the best sexual partner, not for our husband or wife. So what brain did is only to find the way we can having sex without thinking for the next step. Brain don’t know about how love is if you only look at the first sight.

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