Wednesday, 13 November 2013

What are you fantasizing?

Fantasy, it is something that have no limit. Last time, we discuss the paraphilias, now we will discuss something before we do paraphilias, which is the sexual fantasy.

What is sexual fantasy? Sexual fantasy is something that you imagine and what you want to do when you're going to have sex. Every person have different kind of fantasies, and it's include sexual fantasies. Is it also same with women? Well, without further ado, this is a video about the Female Sex Fantasies!

Well, so from the pictures, and the video, we can see the differences between male and female. But there's a distinctive difference that male and female had. While male want to the point, having sex with many people, while female want to build a relationship first rather than having sex all the way.

So, keep fantasizing, but with a manner and don't lose to your own imagination, get back in real life too.

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