Wednesday, 20 November 2013

No means No!

We often see or hear the news about kidnapping that happened in the society, it all begin from social network and it happened to children kidnapping or  even adult kidnapping. Social network really liked by children or even teenager these days. Because with social network we can easily find so many friends.

These what we need to aware of, because starting from our friendship in social network it can be triggered kidnapper to stalk us and kidnap us. For the example, we have one friend and then exchange our phone number, after that we agreed to meet with our new friend in some place even we still don't know our friend yet. That is where kidnapping being executed.

With so many kidnapping base on social network, supposedly there're many parents tell their children about the danger of social network and be careful to have friend with in the social network (that what my parents said to me, but that doesn't mean only parents who said to be careful, but we ourselves also have to be careful to choose friends in the social network, especially new friends that we don't know. It would be best if we not get into the invitation that being invite by our new friends in social network by ourselves, it would be better to go with our friends. If we really want to meet our new friend, it's best if we meet somewhere in the crowd and if it's possible, bring one of your friend to accompany you or tell your new friend to to meet where we decide, not them.

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