Saturday, 16 November 2013

Giveaway Prize from Dualshine and Lipgloss Affairs Exclusive Giveaway

When I'm in my class [Monday, 2 September 2013] I just checking my email, if there is any important mail. And luckily I received an email from Sangeetha N that showed:

Dear Theresia

You have won the 'Dualshine and Lipgloss Affairs Exclusive Giveaway'. Pls visit the links below and pick your 3 fav (1 bracelet, 1 Ring and 1 pair of Earrings)

Here are the links to the items you can choose from ~

The Package is wrapped by a bubble wrap

Item that I choose (Click to buy)

That ring concealed almost all of my pointy ugly finger. The model is very great and really comfortable, eventhought at the first time I kinda hesitating to wear it. This is when I wear it (just ignore my face, okay)

Sniff my short hair ~ ~

I always wear the bracelet when I go to the campus and some of my friends, who know that I like to spend my break time to join some giveaway, know the item is an item that I won from dualshine. I actually ask my friends which item is the best and very good from the gift that is on the list, because almost all the item on the list is too cute!

I give the earring to my mom, because I don't have any hole in my ears for the earring and I'm not brave enough to wear earrings. LOL. It feels weird if I wear some earrings. Thank you so much for the giveaway dear Sangeetha N and dualshine!

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