Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Sexual Orientation

Which one better: Heterosexual, Homosexual, or Bisexual??

Human, in biologicaly, is supposed to be a heterosexual who likes another person from another sex. Like male fall in love  to women and vice versa. However, there are some of us who don't like the opposite sex. We called it homosexual.

Homosexual is divided into gay and lesbian. Which is gay is like with same men and lesbian with the same women. Now, some of the country already accept the marriage between the homosexuals. Some of us think that as a really nasty thing, but now we need to accept them as a whole. Why? Well, they're also human right, so we need to accept them as they already choose it. Even in psychology, we need to accept everyone as our client no matter if they were homosexual or heterosexual.

For homosexual, they often become homosexual because of some traumatic event. What kind of traumatic event? It's because one of their relatives maybe have sexual abused to them and their relatives is the same sex. Usually their uncle who do it to their nephew. For women, they become lesbian because they're hate men and want to be with women because women care about them.

A couple of lesbian get married in Tokyo Disney Resort. This couple wear the same white dress like a fairy tale even there is a term that one of them have to wear a men suit.

"My beloved Hiroko and I wear that wedding dress and having a mini parade in Disney Sea, which is also a place that I like," said Koyuki Higashi, 28, on Twitter. 

"I'm very happy!" she said.

Now, about the bisexuals, they like men also women. So for them, every sexual relationship is fine. The reason for them doing this is actually simple, they don't satisfied for they're sexual life. So for having more thrilled in their sexual life, they try to add another seasoning for their sexual life. Or it can be because of they're actually homosexual, but want to have kids, so they got married with another sex and having kids.

Okay, that sum up about the heterosexual, homosexual, and bisexual. But maybe you ask, "What about the person who is love to the same sex, not because of traumatize event from their past, but because they like the same sex from born?". Now you said about genetically they're already homosexual. Can it be like that?

For men, they can be more like women because of their hormones. You know about testosterone and progesterone? Well, testosterone is hormone to become more masculine, while progesterone is hormone to become more feminine. Everyone have these hormones and it depends what will develop more. So if a man have more progesterone that testosterone, they become more feminine, while women who have more testosterone will become more masculine.

Can these hormone make them become gay or lesbian? No. At first when men more feminine, maybe their parents incidentally make them become more and more feminine. And until some point, they become a gay and not heterosexual.

But then, which one is better? Well, we are made for being men and women who complete each other. So we need to take care of each other. And that means we are not made as a homosexual. But what about bisexual? Bisexual still with women. Is it so? Bisexual can be because of they're actually homosexual, but want to have a child so they married with another sex. So we need to see through the background and look at what is wrong with them

Whatever they are, whoever they are, they're still human and we need to respect and care with them as a human being not another creature. Even sometimes those who is heterosexual is don't have any norm as a human rather than homosexual.

We're human, we still need each other. No matter what they are, we have to talk with them as a human.

AFP. (March 6, 2013). Pernikahan sesama jenis di Tokyo Disneyland.

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