Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Marriage in Adult Relationship

Okay, last time we talked about your other half from a documentation. Now, we will talk about the marriage. Why not when dating? Because if in dating, all of the dating couples, they’re still lovey dovey like there are the only 'sweet couple' in the world. But it’s different if they already get married.

In marriage, there are some problem that we have to face. It’s not a happy ever after story like in fairy tale, but more like it’s the start of our family, our own family like no other family. However, is it really make us happy??

In these days, there are so many kinds of marriage. Even it’s only heterosexual, or gay, or lesbian, or those who is different in religion, and more. When we married, it looks like we know each other, but actually it’s not like that. Somehow, we don’t know almost everything about our partner. Do you know what happened when someone get divorce? Some of it because of something simple like I said before. But then, some of us can manage to set aside our differences and can live together until we’re all old. I saw a couple who do that when I went to Europe. It’s really sweet when I saw them and I also want to be like that with my future husband. When we saw those who can be together until old, are they having a “Happily ever after” time??

Try to ask them, are they happily ever after? They certainly can tell that they don’t have the “happily ever after” time. But then, how they can become together all the time like the one from that photo? It’s only how they can accept each other, how they can love each other no matter what is happening in their marriage. The way they can be together is, when they’re dating, they know each other’s weakness and logically accept their weakness.

Okay, that one is about marriage, maybe for this one, I will go out from track, but still in the adult relationship. It’s about cohabitation. Maybe there are those who want to test it out before getting married. They want to know what is the life with each other but with no marriage relationship. Most of what they do is, having sex. But it’s something usual for those in the West, but not really like that in the East.

Why is cohabitation important for some people? Maybe they want to get married, but for some, it’s only for having sex together. In cohabitation, even they do it like those who get married, still they have something missing from marriage. What are they missing? Let’s think about this, what will happen when they have children? Some of them maybe got an abortion, some of them are forced to get married, they don't get a really happy life when children get into their life. Cohabitation only want to have sex, while married couple want to create a new family.

If you want to be married, better prepared yourself to make the family and face what you will face in the marriage life.

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