Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Orientation Sexual is Your Choice

Continuing the last post, about sexual orientation, there's some categories which is Heterosexual, Homosexual, and Bisexual.

Heterosexual likes a person from another sex.

Homosexual likes a person who have the same sex with them.
Bisexual likes to both of the sex.

If in the past post I write about homosexual, this time I want to discuss about bisexual. Why? Because when I listen about the Sexual Orientation group, I remembered about my friend who confess herself as a Bi. I know her from the social network and after a while, I don't know why my friend brave enough to tell me about how her relationship and her conversation with her same sex partner and opposite sex partner.

At first I feel uncomfortable to be friend with her, but after a while, I feel that I don't have the power to make her avoid her sexual orientation. But, honestly, I'm shocked, want to avoid the message that she sent me, even until today I still having friendship with her (since friendster-facebook until twitter). Why I don't end our friendship with her? I will quote Mam Henny's words in class, "I appreciate the exintence from a person, even they're homosexual or bisexual. But as a human being."

There's reason and causes why people become homosexual or bisexual. The difference of the sexual orientation maybe because of the genetics, hormone, order of birth, or physics. So from now on, try to not look with only one eye or look down people with different sexual orientation with You

It doesn't matter what color, sex, religion, age, sexual orientation, etc., everyone should have the same freedoms and liberties-Lance Bass.

Gay marriage is two people loving each other is beautiful no matter what their gender or sexual orientation and should be celebrated-Unknown quotes.


Erna Wijaya said...

Gua punya 1 temen kyk gtu looh. Hahaha

June L. said...

Unfortunately, I only could read the title of this post - I'm a terrible languages person and can only read English and Korean! ;n; But I totally agree that sexual orientation is the person's choice - NOT anyone else's. Wish I could've read your post, it looked so interesting!

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Theresia SyanLi Octavia said...

Bi atau homo? :3

Theresia SyanLi Octavia said...

I'm sorry, I forget to translate it into English version before, hehe.. Yes, I don't like if people overly underestimated another people with bisexual or homosexual. I'll check your blog now :)