Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Have you found your other half?

Just how we rate someone that we love? How we can fall in love with someone else? Actually there's a secret behind the process 'look and fall in love'. After watch documentation movie titled "Science of Sex Appeal" and strive to taking note inside the dark Audio Visual room, there's so many answer the question of, "What is the process of someone look and than attracted with each other and fall in love?"

The man's masculinity face shows that man having a healthy testosterone hormone or poor testosterone hormone. Dubrine having research about human face and then cut the photos of his subjects into parts like eyes, noses, and ears and then pile it up become symmetric. The purpose of this research its to see if respondent choose the face with symmetric or not symmetric. The result is most individuals chose the subject with symmetric face. 

Someone maybe attractive because of their genes so it can make us attracted to them. We attracted to someone maybe because of physical health and genetics from the person we like.

What is your opinion about someone else appearance? In that documentation, it is said that hip and waist that same like golden ratio (shape like an hourglass) often shows fertility and health of somebody. Someone's way of walking also shows the level of fertility and with short lifetime.

voice also one of the tool to become an interaction connection between individuals. That's why at night, where only sounds that can be heard within couples, usually make sexual relationship more often. Man's voice heard deeper, be more liken by anyone. While women voice higher will be more liken by anyone.

Women also look prettier, more attractive, and the light of her face when they're in their ovulation. Ovulation time makes women voice different which make the voice become higher that before ovulation. At the peak of ovulation, men's smell become not really disturb women. Copulin is a major women pheromone which only in women. Copulin itself is a secret weapon that women produce while ovulating. Women also can be not loyal to their partner when they're having ovulation and there's men who have opportunity and character that complete and more possibility to give birth.

There's aroma of hate and not interest of scent to avoid the incest. The deepest nature secret to avoid incest.

According to Kenrick, all of the 'effort' is used for hunting the best gene to continuing individual generation (searching for the best partner) but if we always seeking for the best gene, it will be hard to look for a partner. Sexual appeal becoming an important point in searching for partner. Like car, more expensive the car, you look more handsome. In here, the first sight about the partner appearance often become a bridge to like someone.

The game 'Finding your Partner' which naturally we do with attract the opposite sex to approach us is called as flirting.

In the end, brain is the first and the last who hold the role in choosing your partner, keeping relationship with your partner, and making the 'nest' later on. Our unconscious mind decide sex appeal from our partner. Love is effort. Match with each other not just sexual relationship like kissing, hugging, or touching hand, but more like effort for being altogether forever. So, have you found the one in your life? If you already have, have you make effort in your relationship?

Have you ever watched movie titled 'Cinta Brontosaurus'? In the documentation movie 'Science of Sexual Appeal' and Cinta Brontosaurus movie, I found some similarity that love not have to leave the partner before one of them has gone. Love maybe can be expired but there's still many ways to 'do something' so it will not be expired.

I love you.. Like I never ever love no one before you - M2M ♥

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