Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Never Ever

When in school, one of my friend put a picture in her social network, he put the picture with his girlfriend and posing while kissing her each other. What I feel? Weird! Other than the 'brave' picture is the background, if we look carefully to the background, they are together inside a room. While my friend just dating for less than a month. For me, this is not appropriate to showed it for public.

About 3 or 4 month later, I got some bad news about my friend and he didn't go into school for about 2 weeks. The news that is spreading around is, he got suspended because her girlfriend abort the infant in her pregnancy because they are is still go to school. When he went back to school, some of my friends 'approved' the news and one of my friend 'got' in for having because the girl is too aggressive and often touched his genital when driving the motorcycle.

In contrast, I also know one of my junior that got premarital pregnancy finally got married. Sometimes I saw that she wrote the status in the social network saying that she confuse where is her couple went. Even in the end, she give birth for her infant, it would be hard for her to take care of her child without the figure of the father.

I think, those thing is not because 'accident'. As a woman, woman should be able to stop her partner desire to have sex, and even in the end you got premarital pregnancy, I hope that there's no one who dare to abort their infant in purpose. Because every living thing, every life have the rights to live. But, there's also some things that we need to consider for abort the infant. Maybe it's medical, or maybe it can threaten the life of the mother and the child. However, what about men who also is the accomplice to make the baby in women womb?

Men, please consider about your partner when you're dating. Maybe you can think, "Well, before I get married, I want to have a test to my girlfriend if she actually want to make baby with me." And soon after that, you feel like, your girlfriend is not good enough. So you search for another woman and do the same. Is it bad? Maybe you ask like that.

If we only searching for the best, there will be the best than the best. Like there's cloud above the cloud. So, when will you stop searching for the perfect one? Maybe after you got married, you look at another girl and you get divorce only for having sex with another girl. What kind of feel that you will feel if you live only for having sex? You will having fun, but only for sex. How about making the family, will you appreciate your partner.

So start to appreciate the ones who love you. Don't make her future ruined. Don't make sex as only for fun, because you will spend half of your life-time with your partner (with note that if you responsible to marry her or make the infant born).

It's not only the beauty of getting orgasm together, but about how you raise your child later.

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