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A Story About Meet and Greet Ono Eriko Sensei

I want to share about Meet and Greet with Ono Eriko Sensei, although it's already August (The event is on 23nd June) but still, I want to write it ^^

At first, I being helped by piggy, signing as a participant in meet and greet Ono Eriko Sensei. I get the ticket and number 13 which mean that I can meet and talk face-to-face with Ono Eriko Sensei. Before, I think I can take a picture together. But unfortunately I can't and to be honest, that is my purpose to take pictures with Ono Eriko Sensei. This is the picture of the payment proof for Pre-Order Meet and Greet Ono Eriko sensei package.

A few days before D-day, Gramedia Central Park customer service call me and asking me which comics package I want to take. To be honest, I feel dissapointed again because I think the comic that I will get is from book 1 until 25. But it's actually divided into 3 comic package. Edition 1-8, edition 9-16 and edition 17-24.

At 23 June 2013, half an hour before the meet and greet began, I arrived at the venue that has been positioned and go to the customer service to exchange it with the invitation card. After that, I got this piece of paper. There is two invitation card color, the one is like what I got (the background is blue) and the other are pink.

Invitation Card

After queuing for get into the venue, showed the invitation card, get a bag filled with Miiko's watch, Miiko's manga package with shikishi, also A special shikishi (this one is for 60 first applier in meet and greet), then I come in and sit down while waiting. I tried to calm myself because I'm a little nervous because no one accompany me to go inside the venue. This is some of the pictures that I think can describe the situation when Meet and Greet with Ono Eriko Sensei in Central Park Mall.

The Venue

Ono Eriko Sensei with the head of Central Park Mall's Gramedia

Ono Eriko Sensei greeting to Miiver's

Standing Sign

The translator tell us what we said to Sensei

Trying to take a picture together with Sensei, even it's a little weird.

Ono Eriko signing the board of Hai, Miiko Indonesian Tour 2013

The Detail

Ono Eriko Sensei said some words for the closing

The example of shikishi in Miiko package edition 6-9

With standing banner Miiko and Tappei

With my university friend who also like Miiko

For some pictures you can see in Facebook M&C and some pictures who join the photo session Photo Session With Ono Eriko

*Source: Facebook M&C

The cameraman didn't count when take the picture (~_~!)

The detail of the shikishi, draw, sign and writing "Terima kasih!" from Ono Eriko Sensei directly (^^)

This Paket Komik Miiko that already provided and already sold in Gramedia, inside there is also printed shikishi and there is also some promotion if you buy this package. You can get a bonus that is Block Note Hai Miiko for free, for every payment of the package Box Miiko only in Gramedia Bookstore JABODETABEK! Grab it fast! Because it's limited edition!

This is the inside of the package that gived to everyone [Meet and Greet also the Photo Session]

This watch actually have the white color. If only I got the white one, I will be happier because I like white color (T_T). This watch can be ordered in or you can ordered in by: GRAMEDIA DIRECT Phone (62-21) 53650110 / 111 ext. 3902 (Monday-Friday, 08.00 A.M.- 18.00 P.M. GMT+7)

The collector's Boxset that I've chose is because there is a shikishi that already taken my heart (^_^)

Another side of the collector's boxset

Printed Shikishi

Sorry for the bad quality of the picture, I only taken it with my Samsung Galaxy Note 1 :(

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