Friday, 19 July 2013

D.I.Y Short Jeans

This time I want to share about how to cut your jeans. I do this when I need a new short jeans but unfortunately my mom won't buy it for me, so I decided to 'search' my old jeans and then cut them.

Step 1
* You need an old long jeans, a marker, a scissors and a ruler.
* Fold the jeans into the length that you want.
* Cut them without a doubt or it will not neat and not straight with each other.

Step 2
* I clamped the angle that I don't want

Step 3
* Just sew it lightly if you are not sure with your stitches (I was also like that). After that you can bring it to the tailor.

The result
The details, I put some silver and gold studs to make it a 'little' different.

Right Side

Left Side

What do you think? Please tell me :)