Sunday, 2 June 2013

June Wish List

So, as I promised on my previous post, here are some my June wish list~

1. Meet my lovely Ono Eriko, author of Kocchi Muite! Miiko at Gramedia Central Park 15.30 WIB and I must be on time because I'm afraid that already full of people and I hope there is no alayers when event started. Some people who don't know ethics and always love to scream, I would be concerned about the event will not conducive. Almost forget, I must say thank you to my lovely piggy because I got the ticket from him. But I still had to pay him with my own money too.


Kimbo Sosis Ayam

2 & 3. Do you know that I really miss this snack and food. Until now I think it has been discontinued the production and I think if I had cravings later, I would want this for sure! Did anyone know where to buy this too-yummy-to-be-ignored??

[UPDATE] My piggy already found the Kimbo Sosis Ayam in Superindo. Yayness! Finally I can eat after waiting so long >__<~


Puss In Boots & Gingerbread Man

4. For me, lotso, puss in boots and gingerbread man its cute.

Here is my rambling:
There is a person who said that: this is the first time for her to got a book with author signatures. I responded with a smile. She asked me if I ever get a book with the author's autograph? I answered once and she asked again "who is the author?"

When I mention one name. Lightly she downplayed what I said and told me that the author is still a 'nobody'

Which actually, the author of the book is a stand up comedian, has been making films as much as 2 pieces that have been aired and 1 movie series itself played on youtube and then switch to Kompas TV and have 1 that will appear coming soon on June 2013.

Then I decided to smile again to her and make the conclusion that this person is not using her brain when talking and easily to underestimate others. I know everyone have a different favorite character, person, taste and everything. But, please! Do not talk if you don't know the truth! 

I grab this picture from facebook, idk why I love pikachu until now ♥

See you next post~

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