Sunday, 26 May 2013


23 May 2013, sleep with weird pose.

25 May 2013 me and my piggy decided to clean up Ham-ham's cage. Because i know its already around 2 weeks and it already smell  stink. So we make a promise to help my brother to clean his hamster cage too and we will get hamster's powder for free. 

After we clean Hamtan and Mungil's cage, we still saw how cute Hamham is because she always likes to run and stand up to smell something around her.

Secondly, we clean Hammie's cage, we throw away all of hamster's powder from their cage, wash with water and make it dry using a tissue.

Third, Ham-ham's turn, we put her on her favourite-all-time ball. We didn't realize that is suspicious because usually Ham-ham always spin around my family's room and  I already promise to myself to clean her cage, I don't know why, but I really want to clean it.

After Ham-ham cage is clean, we put Ham-ham again and I ask piggy to put back Ham-ham to my room because her cage is too heavy for me.

Around 20.00 PM, piggy decided to go home. I play iPad for a while, eat, helping my parents, and play iPad again, then I see Ham-ham cage. She already didn't move or eat even I already put her favourite food.

I bring her cage to my family but they only said that Ham-ham is still healthy and only want to sleep. My mind said, it's last time for me to love and touch Ham-ham. Even she didn't move, I still can see that Hamham is still breathing! I bring back Ham-ham and her cage to my room, I lift Ham-ham with a tissue.

Sometimes, Ham-ham still lifted her face maybe for make me calm and trying to reach the food but like she didn't find it and not interested too eat again.

I have already gave it to her mouth  but she doesn't like to eat it  and didn't have power to eat. I peel sunflower seeds for her, she only befall the sunflower seeds. If she healthy, I know that Ham-ham really love sunflower seeds! I didn't take a photo her with the sunflower seed, I only take this photo, with her second favourite food. I only can crying while i peel the sunflower seeds. I only want to see her eating again T__T

With her second favourite food.

This is her foot.. It's scarry actually >__<

She still move, like trying not to make me sad, she rotate her body, made her face down so it is not visible to me see her. Well, I put back her body using a tissue, I try to believe that Ham-ham still alive.

I decided to sleep after I crying a lot and tell piggy about Ham-ham situation and condition. I know I'm only a beginner, it's my first time to take care a pet by myself, even I still get help from piggy.

One hour. Two hours until three hours (around 07.00) I still wake up occasionally to check on Hamham stomach and very happy when saw Hamham is still breathing.

But, you know.. Nothing is forever in this world :)

Around 08.30 Ham-ham move and I think she already run in her toys, but I only see a corn on her mouth, it's a funny pose of her. I still sleepy and feel safety because I guess that she already want to eat.

Ham-ham already didn't move, didn't breathe too, I try to not crying. I tell piggy through blackberry messenger and decided to make a grave for Ham-ham if piggy already at my home. Ham-ham still make me wake up as usual though for the last time. Hamham still looks like to eat even though I don't know it's true or not that she eat it.

Since 14 February 2013, I get Ham-ham from my brother, he found it on the streets. I feel lucky to have time to pet her. Maybe if my brother not picked her and took it to my home, there will be something worse than death because of age.

25 May 2013 although only less than 3 months we take care of Ham-ham, buy a cage, buy an aquarium because I'm afraid she will swallow the iron of the cage, buy toys and home for her. It's nice to meet you my first little chubby bit naughty hamster. See you again on heaven, dear Ham-ham.

Her previous cage.. She likes to bite her cage everyday!

Honestly I feel like fail to take care for Hamham. Although piggy and my family has repeatedly said that it was not my fault. I know I'm not a good owner because I'm often determines the position of her toys, I guess it's the best for you, Ham. I don't know that it will make you stressed and gone forever.. I'm sorry T____________________T

Her last time T__T

Here, some of Ham-ham photos ^^


Actually it's hard to take a picture of her. Like on this picture, she always keep run away from the camera. That's why I hate it when yesterday I can easily take a picture of her.

 Little bleeding because she is attacked by Hammie.

"Let me go out!"

Let's take a bath!

Get caught by her action.. Lol~

Ham-ham love to bath :)

"Hey! Look at me, I already had a shower^^"

She always hides her food in here!
Jelly time~

Fat.. But still cute~

 I love to see when she is eating..^^

Her last pose.. I put her like this because I think she can easily eat when she have energy. But she just turned round and passed away.

Sleeping time.

I know Ham, it's hurt.. Now you must be safety in God's Hand. I hope you are happy when live with us. I also hope you're happy now and do not feel pain again. You're happy now in heaven, We love you so much, Ham-ham. Good night Hamham. Sweet dreams. Wishing you sleep like a baby.. We will miss you.. (^^)

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