Friday, 18 April 2014 [Snack Review] Chitato Crispy French Fries

Hello! Finally another snack review in here for the second time. Actually me and my boyfriend really have so many snack to review in here, but unfortunately we didn't have enough time to write in here, but I promise that I'll be more active to write about snack in my blog!

The Package

Covered by a Bubble Wrap

The Packaging
The Chitato's has quite unique packaging even it's little bit hard to open because of their seal. But I still like their idea to make it small, because for me, their size is enough for my tummy (lol) O yeah, the shape just like french fries, but this french fries is hard and crunchy, I also like their typical taste of 'chitato'

The Detail

Try to focus the picture but end up to be over light, I'm sorry! Will try my best later!

Danny's Happy Face

Thank you so much for the Chitato Crispy French Fries, it's make my study time more happy than before!

Ingredients Details also Information of nutritional value

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